Crystal Meth 89% Pure

Buy Crystal Meth

Buy Crystal Meth is a primary drug threat to Washington. High purity, low cost methamphetamine is readily available, and the drug is abused throughout the state.

Buy Crystal Meth production in Washington has increased, as has the number of methamphetamine laboratories seized by law enforcement officials.

Buy Crystal Meth production is causing serious safety and environmental concerns in Washington. Further, the production, distribution, and abuse of methamphetamine are more commonly associated with violent crime than any other drug.

Crystal Meth is produced in Washington primarily by Caucasian criminal groups and local independents, often in ounce quantities using the Birch reduction method. Local independent producers, however, have produced pound quantities using the hydriodic acid/red phosphorus production method. Mexican criminal groups also produce methamphetamine in the state, sometimes in pound quantities typically using the hydriodic acid/red phosphorus method. Methamphetamine produced by Mexican criminal groups in high volume laboratories in Mexico and California and, to a lesser extent, in Oregon and southwestern states, is readily available in the state as well.

Mexican criminal groups are the dominant transporters and wholesale distributors of methamphetamine in Washington. Caucasian criminal groups and local independent Dealers-Primarily Caucasian and Mexican–are the principal retail distributors of methamphetamine in the state.

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